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Sweet Ginger and the art silk tunic is a perfect match!:) We can’t decide which color is our fave of these sandwashed heavenly silk tunics:

#435 art silk tunic dark grey This color is almost a warm taupe , rather than dark grey, and the green beading is going to look gorgeous peeking out underneath a heavy cardigan for winter.

#435 art silk tunic velvet There’s no other way to describe this velvet color other than luscious! It’s like a ripe fruit. Dark blue beading in front matches dark blue skinny denims like a charm!

#435 art silk tunic vintage chalk The most understated of the colors but goes with practically everything! As perfect over your metallic bikini as it is with cargo pants.

More pics to follow soon!


LeucadiArtWalk 2010 this sunday!!

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It’s finally this fun time a year again when art, food, music is layed out like a smorgosbord on a mile long stretch of highway 101! Don’t miss this event! deepFLING is located in the Gold Coast plaza (click here for map of all the fun stuff) which will be housing some wonderful artists and a great band. Oh, and while you are here, be sure to stop by It’s a luv thing and wish Kamie and the gang a happy 5 year Anniversary!

Go here for all you need to know about the event; the artists, bands, food and the shuttle bus!


Julia’s Eat, Pray, Love bracelet!

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Get Julia’s Style from Eat, Pray, Love.

Chamilia has created an Eat, Pray, Love inspired bracelet designed with decadent jeweled boxes of chocolate, glimmering glasses of wine accented with red and yellow jewels, love inspired beads and 14k gold spiritual embellishments such as Buddha to create an exquisite piece, transporting us to Italy, India and Bali. Here’s how to steal the look:

(if anything is temporarily out of stock when you order, we will send it as soon as new stock arrives in about a week!)

Chamilia silver bracelet with 14k snap bracelet -choose between sizes 6.7 in, 7.1 in, 7.5 in, 7.9 in and 8.3 in

BEADS (Counter-clockwise from clasp)
World peace (KB-55)

A night out (KD-78)

Hanging heart (GH-39)

Tiger’s Eye-Auburn (XA-2)
Box of chocolates (JA-38)
Kaleidoscope Amber mix (JC-6E)
Vino (JA-63)
Smiling Buddha (LC-18)
With love (NA-43)
Kaleidoscope Amber mix (JC-6E)
Cabochon brown (JB-51A)
Hanging cross w stone (GH-34)
A night out (KD-78)
Tiger’s Eye-Golden brown (XA-1)
Vintage suitcase (GA-123)
I love you, I love you more (GA-134)


adorable swedish band

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Oldie but such a goodie song! Hoffmaestro & Chraa – Highwayman. This one is for you Max on your cross-country travels:)



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For those of KumKum ring lovers who have visited us in the store, you know how much fun it is to play around with different KumKum rings and discover different stacking combinations! Since it’s not as easy to do online as actually trying them on in person, we’re going to post pics of stacking combos periodically so you can catch a glimpse of all the fun:)

Two single row tourmaline rings (RI P-3X-T) on either side of classic KumKum style ring (RI P-20-AME) in Amethyst. Two simple styles together make up this over-the-top look that you will have people commenting and asking about it wherever you go (we know!:)

The magnificent flawless blue topas multi carat stone ring (RI PU-6-BT) paired with the daintier single row blue topaz band (RI P-5-BT). Blue topaz feels as magical as the sea. No stone come as close as looking like a pool of crystal clear water and we just adore it!

Stacking and layering bracelets have never been as in as it is this season! Playfully mix heavy pieces with dainty ones for a unique look. Styles in this photo: Lite blue onyx duo row bracelet (dreamy and substantial!) BC-T-2-BO and six strand dyed in peacock colored pearls bracelet BC-PU-12-PEA. On the finger: aqua onyx ring RI-P-11-BLUEO

UPDATE: oops, the aqua onyx ring in the photo above sold out quickly! Even though it’s a great summer color that looks awesome, especially with a tan, the same bestselling style ring also comes in a soft pink (almost a muted powder rose skin color) rose quartz  (RI P-11-RQ) and grey onyx (KPE_RI-P-11-GO). They are both gorgeous in a more quiet way and excellent staple rings for this fall with the upcoming season’s clothing palette being almost completely in nude and neutral colors with some splash of military green.
KumKum rings in rose quartz and grey onyx


Odd Molly Aug 10-11 arrivals!!!

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Yay, this is the list of what fabulousness that will be in the first Odd Molly fall201o (arriving early this coming week)! Everyone with these styles reserved, will be contacted very shortly. We are already running low/selling out of some styles and will try to get more stock in asap!

It is very hot here still so I can’t wait to unpack the delivery and float into my 435 art silk tunic:)

#468 continental knit dress chalk

#468 continental knit dress military

#497 funovits scarf lite blue


#63 spoiler underboxer lite green

#258 chrysalis minigown lite green

#258 chrysalis minigown powder


#262 bronte blouse vintage old pink

#262 bronte blouse vintage velvet

#262 bronte blouse vintage chalk


#313 wigwam dress lite lilac

#313 wigwam dress velvet

#313 wigwam dress vintage chalk

#313 wigwam dress almost black


#435 art silk tunic velvet

#435 art silk tunic vintage chalk

#435 art silk tunic dark grey


#261 remix blouse old pink

#261 remix blouse vintage powder

#261 remix blouse velvet


#327 light cotton embroidered s/s lite military

#327 light cotton embroidered s/s vintage powder

#327 light cotton embroidered s/s lite lilac


#832 jacquard long sock military

#832 jacquard long sock viktoria

#832 jacquard long sock dark red


#832 jacquard long sock turquoise

#832 jacquard long sock multi

#832 jacquard long sock dark grey


#554 lovely knit beanie dark grey

#554 lovely knit beanie turquoise

#554 lovely knit beanie multi


#554 lovely knit beanie military

#485 slender leather glove powder

Have a great weekend everyone!


1st Odd Molly fall arriving next week!

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Yes!! We’ll have the first boxes of Odd Molly fall loveliness to open by mid next week and will ship out orders like mad right away! We’re so excited, as soon as we get word on what styles will be in this first delivery, we’ll let you know!


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