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About deepFLING
(dēp) To a great depth; deeply
(fling) a brief period of indulging one's impulses.

That's what we want each customer to feel as they visit our store; to browse the most exciting and desirable brands from Scandinavia and with our low pressure approach, they can take as long as they want to touch and try on all the different styles.

Kevin's Favorites

2014-06-10: ODD MOLLY goodies arriving soon!
A sneak peek of what is arriving in the next drop from odd molly! The #601 cheeky jean, the #261B amor blouse steel in grey and the jacket that will be this last summer's favorite; #664 icephalt inner jacket in asphalt. You can reserve these beauties and the rest from the first drop here. oddmolly_fw1A_2014-s
2014-05-30: Odd Molly FW1a-14 now released for reservations!
Odd Molly Fall/Winter 2014 collection Images released on May 29th, expected delivery dates from June 13th-20th, 2014. We're super-excited about this collection! "Just like the nostalgic grunge hit but also as a mindset. Letting go, not being so serious and being true to yourself." oddmolly-fw1a-14
2014-04-10: Liebeskind Berlin | summer colors!
We are swooning over all the Liebeskind Berlin bags in summer shades! Can't wait to acquire the first tan for the season to go with all these yummy colors! summercolors-liebeskind-berlin

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Shop Top Brands

Odd Molly Sweden
Handcrafted Swedish clothing.

Liebeskind Berlin
Gorgeous leather handbags.

Konplott Luxembourg
Limited edition European jewelry.

KumKum Sweden
You could call it an infatuation!

Uno de 50 EspaƱa
Unique objects with personality.

Chamilia Jewelry  
Create your own unique bracelet!

Pilgrim Denmark
Autumn '13 - get carried away.