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About deepFLING
(dēp) To a great depth; deeply
(fling) a brief period of indulging one's impulses.

That's what we want each customer to feel as they visit our store; to browse the most exciting and desirable brands from Scandinavia and with our low pressure approach, they can take as long as they want to touch and try on all the different styles.

Coast News Ads
oddmolly_shoes_oddspandrilliosOdd Molly embroidered espadrillos with braided hemp sole, rubber bottom and Molly dollar detail.

2016-03-17: New line: Taylor & Tessier
taylortessier Taylor & Tessier: handmade in Aspen, Colorado. Inspired by nature, color and texture, T&T creates gorgeous trend-setting designs in metals, leather, pearls and semi-precious stones. We are going to introduce it all to you at a trunk show next month where we will offer special discounts for one day only. Get ready - you are going to fall in love!
2016-02-16: Beautiful rain wear from Odd Molly
Beautiful rain wear from Odd Molly (El Nino bring it on!)
2016-02-16: Adorable Low tide rainboot from Odd Molly!
Comes in shell and in almost black!
2015-11-10: Uno de 50 Trunkshow! Wednesday November 11th - 3pm-8pm
loggo Save the date! How can you sip wine, nibble on delectable appetizers and shop Uno de 50 while supporting the Swedish School San Diego? Simply by joining us on Nov 11th! Click here to learn more!

Shop Top Brands

KumKum Sweden
You could call it an infatuation!

Odd Molly Sweden
Handcrafted Swedish clothing.

Uno de 50 España
Unique objects with personality.

Konplott Luxembourg
Limited edition European jewelry.

Liebeskind Berlin
Gorgeous leather handbags.

Chamilia Jewelry  
Create your own unique bracelet!

Pilgrim Denmark
Autumn '13 - get carried away.

A&C Jewelry Norway
Pure Silver Collection.

Yvone Christa  
True Artisans of filigree jewelry.