odd molly in my tv!

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For you guys living in Scandinaving, turning on your tv and spotting Odd Molly clothes being worn by celebrities and tv anchors etc is a common thing. Here in the US, the Odd Molly love and magic is just starting to spread so of course my heart started go pitter-patter when I was dozing in front of the tv watching real housewives of new jersey (yes. I confess. cannot.stop.watching:) and all of a sudden the pretty #189 blues dress flashes by!

This episode (#3) was shot as the new york fashion show and some Odd Molly pieces were shown at the Caravan fashion show: #189 blues dress and #258 chrysalis minigown (we still have some stock left of the chrysalis in powder and almost black) and much more!

photos copyright www.scenebseen.com


New deepFLING arrival!

Posted in Arts&Crafts at 4:42 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

We’re welcoming the Signature series from Arts&Crafts (A&C) to deepFLING! Those of you who have already fallen in love with this Norwegian company’s ‘Pure Silver’ series, you will also love their fashion jewelry line ‘Signature’. Great jewelry (lead and nickel free) to superb prices!

Shop Signature here

Shop Pure silver here


KumKum ‘Wishlist’ sneak peek!

Posted in KumKum at 12:41 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

The new KumKum WISHLIST collection arriving in June is fantastic! Big stones in great colors with that special KumKum magic! (Stop by the store for more photos and a chance to pre-order from what stock will be coming in the june delivery)


for brenda:)

Posted in Odd Molly at 5:19 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

how do the #202 mesh long cardigan look like over the #255 suiteheart minidress? (sorry for the blurry photo -the new camera is heavy and I’m gonna have to hit the gym to build some muscles mass in order to hold this camera still long enough to take a sharp picture!:)


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