Odd Molly AW10 goodies

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Here comes a few glimpses of autumn/winter odd molly glimmer!

#313 wigwam dress in vintage chalk and almost black (we have also ordered lite lilac and velvet)

#419 spinner silk l/s dress vintage grey (we have also ordered dark grey and lite military)

#548 persuation top vintage chalk and cabaret (we have also ordered vintage powder and almost black)

#508 reedy tunic lite military (we have also ordered powder and white)

#435 art silk tunic lite military (we will not receive this particular color but have ordered it in cherish, vintage chalk and dark grey)


kumkum luvlies

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We frequently get requests from customers who asks us if we can email photos of what certain KumKum rings looks like on the hand. We’ll post the photos here too, so you can all see!

Gorgeous high quality KumKum cat’s eye stone ring and bracelet. Beautiful green hue that will be a perfect accessory to the upcoming military trend.

Stunning KumKum glam ring paired with one dainty single row zircon stack ring and  the sweetheart ring

we ♥ the arrow belt

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Sofia came by to get herself a arrow belt in lilac to go with her grey wigwam and we started playing with different ways to wear these gorgeous little things. After a good hour of fun, we realized that these beautiful belts go with pretty much any odd molly (old or new). The three different colors gave us so many unexpected unique combos that we officially have major crushes♥♥♥♥ on these cuties!


More stock of bestsellers!

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We managed to get our hands of more stock of the so-so-so popular #313 wigwam dress in grey in some more sizes! Also a few more of #262 pink and #351 lilac (my camel colored minnetonkas and tallulah coat are best friends!:)

More stock of some of the bestselling styles from KumKum arrived today too!

What else is new? Ooooh, a bunch of spring styles from Lotta Djossou! We adore this ‘bird of paradise’ necklace…a bird that is now dangerous close to become a endangered species due to deforestation. Shop this gorgeus necklace and other new arrivals in the Lotta Djossou section!

Pssst, soon (hopefully this friday) we are getting our hands on more Odd Molly goodies, styles we thought for sure were sold out! For example the #177 lotta lotta long coat in military (the super hot color for this fall! I’m getting one for me to stash away until then for sure!) and almost black. And more #188 blues skirts in bigger sizes -yay! Magnificent #200 kettle coats in both rouge and dark powder….and some more must-haves. Stay tuned!

One last thing, if you ever ever get a chance to see Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes play live -promise you go see them! They are amazing! We saw them att belly up the night before Coachella and I’m still swooning. We might trek up to Big Sur to see them play again at this breathtaking outdoor venue. You sit under the giant redwood trees!


Delivery delays to Europe!

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Due to all the vulcanic ash in the airspace in Europe from the Islandic erruption, the postal freight planes from the US have trouble getting access to land and delivering mail.

As of this morning April 17th, Scandinavia is severely impacted by this. We are shipping orders as usual but currently have no info on how long these delays, on the European side, will continue for.



Tips on fixing the saloon series

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Its not only the dolphins and the rain forest that need’s savin’! Our beloved saloon series pieces will probably also need a little helping hand in order to last past the midsummer festivities all the way through the crayfish celebration come August:)

If you have inspected any of the saloon series styles, you probably have noticed the fabric defect and how that impacts the strength of the seams (if not, read about it here (they all have this problem, however, the #320 seem to need more reinforcement over the shoulders for example)

So, to quote sweet blogger Ninna -‘let the Operation Save the Saloon Dress commence’!:)
Ninna turned the dress over to her nifty mom, who, cleverly managed to fix her dress and gave us instructions on how to do it ourselves or pass this info on to our seamstress/tailor.

Ninna’s mom fixed her dress by taking strips of simple white cotton ribbon (any strips of sturdy cotton will do) and sewed them on over the parts of the seams that intersect with the frayed sections. If the seam already have started to pull apart, then use the zigzag setting to secure and strengthen a wider area of fabric over the ribbon.
In areas that will receive the most stress from wear, better to use the ribbon/fabric for sturdiness. In other areas, you can simply fold over the excess fabric from behind the seam on the inside of the dress and sew it down.

(click images for larger versions)

For our swedish customers, Ninna writes:
Banden syddes fast med två raksömmar, där tyget spruckit använde min mamma zicksack och det syntes inte alls. På vissa ställen där sömmarna skulle förstärkas behövdes inte bomullsbanden utan hon kunde använda den redan befintliga dubbelvikta kanten på klänningens insida och förstärka den genom att sy en raksöm på en.
(You can also read more at Ninna’s blog here)

(Thank you so much Ninna for letting us use your pictures and instructions!)


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