Important info regarding #320, #319 & #318

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Some of you might have heard the sad news regarding the fabric used in the saloon series (#320, #319 and #318). This pretty gingham fabric had a frayed flourish in the weave to achieve the vintage look of this series. Sadly, if these frayed sections runs over a seam and especially at a certain angle, the seam is weakened and there’s a good chance that it might pull apart.

This series is so gorgeous and we have so many customers who still want these styles and wants to try to reinforce the weak seams by themselves or take them to a seamstress (a customer suggested lining the compromised sections of the seams with a strip of cotton fabric/ribbon).

If you wish to still buy a style from the saloon series and make the revisions to it yourself or have someone do it for you, we will discount this series by 50%.

For those of you who have already ordered this style from us, will of  course have the option to get it for 50% off or opt out of the purchase altogether.



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We are unpacking 7 huge boxes right now! Summer will be order-able online very very soon!

So many irresistible goodies, cant wait to try them all on..

We will start shipping out tomorrow through beginning of next week:)


Odd Molly in da news!

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For the last 4 years that we’ve carried Odd Molly here in the US, we’ve seen plenty of women turning into mollies. Each woman’s path to falling in love with the brand and becoming a molly is of course unique, but after seeing it happen in person so many times, I can probably describe the basics of each step:)
Anyways, it’s so fun to see the press starting to swoon over Odd Molly too, it’s about time they catch on to the magic!

The daily truffle talks about the store opening here! (oooh, that makes sense…the models wearing the odd mollys were from the ‘Models of the runway’ show (spin-off of the Project Runway show))

Sidenote for all you peoples who’ve emailed about the color of the chrysalis that Helena wore, it is probably ‘cabaret’ from aw2010

Style.com : L.A Gets Odd

Last but not least, go vote for Kelly Osborne here (she looked so cute and happy at the opening!)



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Ok, now you guys don’t have to call the store to shop the new KumKum dot styles anymore! Finally all the brand spanking new KumKum goodies from the beautiful DOT collection is shop-able here

For the first time KumKum has designed tiny little birthstone pendants and of course the FA BEN A TUTTI (do good onto others) pendant that have gotten so popular in such a short time. The multi karat zircon glam ring looks like it will become the next bestseller for this summer. The stunning multi karat zircon bracelet is very special and a perfect fit for that equally special woman!



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The grand opening of the US odd molly flagship store kicked off last night in west hollywood.! I wish I had more pics for you but my beloved sony finally bit the dust like 10 minutes after we arrived. Coincidentally, the last picture it ever took (unless some handy camera guy can resurrect it) was of Anna Anka. Maybe, the sheer magnitude of taking her photo was all it needed to feel it had lived a fulfilled camera life, who knows:)

hehe you can actually see heidi klum in the back:)

the grand finale -my camera's farewell picture:)

Anyways, Karin was so beautiful and petite in one of her Annie Oakley dresses. Per was his own rugged handsome self as usual (Per, why are you always wearing white?). Pretty pretty Lena Filipson was there and those two look so cute together:) Helena….how can anyone look so gorgeous? She barely had any makeup on and managed to look positively radiant. And no one but her can wear the chrysalis minigown as a going-out dress. Heidi Klum was there doing a tv interview….another woman who gets more and more beautiful with age!
Who else? Oh, Malin Akerman was soo cute in her grey sumthing dress. Everyone inside were so properly cool and ….cool -while she was smiling really wide to everyone. Maud Adams was there too, another woman who frikken do not age!
We didn’t stay until the end unfortunately (friends had a moving-in party in long beach).

Malin in her grey sumthing dress

Tara Subkoff (looks like she recouped after her brain tumor)

Malin Åkerman

copyright www.hollywood.com (see more images from the odd molly store party here)


that’s it -I’m joining this band!

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phew….so many emails so many orders…each time i need a brake from typing I watch this video and dream of just dropping everything and go join this band. Of course I have already planned what odd molly dress to wear while I join this fine band:) Nevermind that I cant sing worth a darn but somehow I dont think it matters in this band -you just frolic, skip along in fields and have fun in the sun:)



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Hey guys! Can’t believe it’s almost mid March soon! We’ve had a lot of rain lately so now everything is bursting with spring juices! The peach and apricot trees are blooming, there’s so many freesias in full bloom that the whole backyard smells heavenly. We are gearing up for a great spring and summer!

We got another shipment in from odd molly, with some more precious few extras of some bestsellers that already have sold out several times over – hurry to make one of them yours since we will probably not be able to get more:
#188 blues skirt
#189 blues dress
#177 lotta lotta long jacket powder
#249 nymph dress dk cherry
#862 livealot lilac
#862 livealot powder
#261 remix indigo
#261 remix green
#258 chrysalis almost black
#256 chrysalis powder

Lastly a sneak peek of what is coming from KumKum’s DOT collection These irresistibles will arrive any day now. The large faceted zircon/silver chain ring looks amazing on the hand! The FA BENE A TUTTI pendant (means ‘do good unto others’) with a white pearl in the middle is a must have. Yum!



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Here’s some lovely images to peruse while you drink your weekend morning coffee! This photoshoot has a very ‘almost famous’ (the movie) feel, dont you think?

It really dawned on me when I saw these gorgeous photos of Daisy (shot by Helena Christensen – is there anything that woman isn’t good at?:) ), that here’s this young edgy girl wearing odd molly clothes and they look so good -like they were made just for her. And this morning I talked to my 64 year old mom in Sweden who babbled on about this folkdance event/competition that she had participated in and that she had worn her beloved odd molly amerind dress and she had felt so pretty because she had gotten so many compliments. I bet there’s some 40 years between my moma and Daisy -somehow it’s like the mollies don’t know age or continents:)

[ Pictures removed, released too soon! ]


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