NEXT NEW odd molly MODEL!

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TGIF! Friday evenings are perfect for cocktails and gossip:) So pull up a chair, grap a plate of salted caramel dark chocolate goat cheese panacotta and a kai lychee vodka martini and let’s dive into the gossip!

So, get this! The next odd molly model will be Daisy Lowe. Who is she, you say? She is apparently the child from a brief fling (as opposed to deepFLING -muwahaha:) between Gavin Rossdale (married to Gwen Stefani) and Pearl Lowe -a singer/songwriter turned textile/fashion designer (in the later years also rumoured to have been involved in the swinger affair that ended Jude Law’s marriage to Sadie Frost) . The fact that Gavin was Daisy’s father was not known until a few years ago and caused quite a bit of a stir in his marriage to Gwen. Pearl has written a tell-all book about the juicy details. I tell ya, these Brits -they seem so proper but behind the scenes it’s all high drama with them:)

When you see the aw2010 styles later this year, you’ll discover the saying ‘i will give in – do the pearl daisy’ on some of the styles and you will already know the scoop!:)

Pretty Daisy Lowe photographed by Steven Meisel

AW2010 loooovelies!

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We had such a great time with Holly at the showroom, viewing the fall/winter collection from odd molly!  Yasmin brought her 5 months old twin girls, so aside from trying all the irresistable stuff on, the day was also filled with breastfeeding and diaper changes. Holly was such a trooper though!:) She patiently guided us through the collection, fed us food and swooned over the twins:)

odd molly aw2010


odd molly bestsellers back in stock!

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Hey guys!

We got a precious few of the #188 blues skirt  and #262 bronte pink back in stock yesterday (all of you on our wishlist will get emails this weekend)! Also scored some #327’s in indigo!

More goodies to arrive wednesday:

#960 Fields of Lace in crazy dark pink:)

#269 prairie short strap dress lite green (still waiting for powder version)

#261A sparkly remix lite pink (more stock is coming of this so so popular top!)

#056A multi

#056A dark cherry


odd molly unpacking update!

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Got the delivery a day late so we’re right now knee high in boxes, trying to unpack as fast as we can! We’ll get back to everyones emails very soon -promise! Just need to reconcile the packing slips with what actually arrived and all that boring stuff first. We hope to email everyone in the next few days and ship out with fastness.

Even though we’re unpacking without even looking at most of this stuff (the fun parts have to wait), some gold nuggets catches my eye though….#295 arrow belts are intricate weaved pieces of magic!….#261A sparkly remix in chalk is unexpectedly my fave….the silks in the nymph styles looks even gorgeous in their plastic bags….the red/pink mix in the #200 kettle coat is like eye candy…ok, gotta run!

Btw, here are the waist measurements for the so so cute #188 blues skirt:
SZ 0/XS approx. 74cm/29inches
SZ 1/S   approx. 78cm/31.5inches
SZ 2/M approx. 83cm/32.5inches
SZ 3/L  approx. 89cm/35inches
SZ 4/XL approx. 94cm/37inches


odd molly darlings arriving today

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200, 249, 251, 233CM, 261, 262, 260, 862, 188, 177, 258, 056A, 255, 259, 866, 257, 295



#279 smyrna purse inconsistencies

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Dear all! We are acutely aware of the different look of the final #279 smyrna purse version as opposed to product pictures! We are working on finding out more!


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