Odd Molly SUMMER2010!

Posted in Odd Molly at 9:15 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

For all of you who have been so patiently waiting for the summer styles (while giving me occasional friendly nudges of course:), here they are!! I added some comments that might be of interest too…
#309 up-to-me-ism strap dress chalk/indigo/lilac (cannot make up our mind on which color we love the most)

#351 tallulah coat lilac (SO cute and cozy -pair with the tank below. Silk and viscose knit blend)

#213 tallulah tank lilac

#293 candy bracelet multi (pretty carved butterfly)

#286 bazaar bag dark blue/lite powder (must have’s!)

#333 mrs rogers beach coat chalk/love (the chalk fabric looks frikken wonderful in person!)

#328 mrs rogers beach hood chalk/love/rouge (perfect on beach, plane, boat and Swedish summer afternoons:)

#345 mrs rogers bottom chalk/rouge (irresistable!)

#326 mrs rogers trouser chalk (superfaves that will eventually fall apart from too much wear:)

#344 mrs rogers top chalk/rouge (sweet as candy!)

#318 saloon strap dress blue/dark powder/dark red (this style fits like a dream!)

#320 saloon dress blue/dark powder/dark red (blends effortlessly from everyday to evening)

#319 saloon top blue/dark powder/dark red (no comment necessary)

#331 annie oakley salon dress indigo (had completely disregarded this style but someone forced me to try this in the showroom and I fell utterly in love! The annie oakley styles are all made of Karin’s custom designed pattern printed silk organza and therefore higher priced – it is very very difficult to print on silk organza and very few places can do it )

#302 annie oakley blouse dark pink/indigo (these product pictures do not show what they final version will look like -expect changes!)

#313 wigwam dress dark pink/grey/white/lite powder (sister style to the so-so popular #153 but with blousier arms and better fit over the back)


Odd Molly SPRING2010 and Warmest Holiday wishes!

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Hey darlings! The shipping frenzy have finally subsided to manageable levels and even though we probably have a few more crazy days down at the store (we’re serving warm glögg up until the 24th in hopes to ease the late gift shopping stress!:), here at deepFLING we want to take the opportunity to thank YOU -the sweetest customers on earth! We are very blessed and can’t wait to discover what great things awaits all of us in 2010.

Below are a listing of what beauties we will have from the Odd Molly spring 2010 collection with delivery times from mid January to end of Feb (summer will be viewable soon too). Enjoy and hope you will have the very bestest of Holidays!

#229 alchemistry dress white

#200 kettle coat rouge

#271 prairie l/s dress blue

#271H prairie l/s dress lite powder

#269H prairie short strap dress lite powder

#249 nymph l/s dress blue, dark cherry

#251 nymph blouse lite lilac, pink

#233CM bunt lovely knit gold, multi

#277 darcy bag powder

#278 darcy purse powder

#279 smyrna bag brown

#280 smyrna  purse brown

#114A butterfly cardigan apricot, lilac

#233A crochet lovely knit cardigan love

#261A sparkly remix blouse lite pink, chalk

#261 remix blouse indigo, lite green

#262 bronte shirt chalk, indigo, lite pink

#260 arouet shirt chalk

#265 fonda coat almost black, chalk

#264 fonda trouser almost black, blue, chalk, pink

#230 fonda dress almost black, blue, pink

#862 livealot blouse lilac

#210 rocking chair top grey

#232 print frill tee almost black, red, white

#188 blues skirt lite blue denim

#189 blues dress lite blue denim

#662 smalville bloomers almost black, powder

#270 prairie blouse blue, chalk

#856A angelou dress almost black, love

#662M smalville bloomers (metallics) dark powder, lite pink

#177 lotta lotta long jacket military, powder

#233 lovely knit cardigan grey, love, powder


Garmentality redefined & secret postcards

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Three postcards arrived in the mail, all with beautiful sceneries  and gorgeous wordings ( ‘a loner at times, yet a man of the world, living atop his own footprint”) but NO sender!

The first had the question “have you seen him?” on it. The second postcard read ” the 3 word freedom riddle” and the last one said “garmentality redefined”. Does that not sound like typical Per Holknekt’s whimsical and clever play on words? Yep, these secret postcards must be a smart campaign to introduce the new Odd Molly men’s line? I think we will see it when it’s time to buy fw2010 in February. Can’t wait!

garmentality redefined

garmentality redefined


Posted in Odd Molly at 3:59 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

Oooh, so many beauties! The store is full of the sweet odd molly signature perfumed wash that all mollies are dipped in. We are shipping out like crazy (so that all international customers will get their goodies in time for the holidays!) while taking occasional brakes to try our faves on;) Photos will be up tomorrow!


Lotta Djossou arriving soon!

Posted in Lotta Djossou at 5:05 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

It’s good to have friends from Sweden visiting! They bring what I miss the most, swedish candy and the kindof hours and hours long talks you only have with friends who’ve known you all your life. We also dig through their suitcases over a few glasses of wine and they show me what they currently love the most of  the new clothing and jewelry brands out Scandinavia. My friend that was here in October had two beatiful necklaces from Lotta Djossou. I loved them and almost didnt let her leave to go back to Sweden with them:)

lotta djossou coming soon to deepFLING

lotta djossou coming soon to deepFLING

A gorgeous selection of Lotta Djossou’s jewelry will soon arrive to deepFLING, we hope end of December or early January!


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