Jennie live at Södra Bar (gives me goosebumps!)

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This song is my new obsession! Gorgeous song ‘Åträsk ‘ (a little place in the northern part of Sweden) by Jennie Abrahamson, who’s voice is to die for and on top of that the backup singer girl is playing the harmonica like nobody’s business (I always wanted to learn that). Must play this song over and over!

Btw, I have some Spotify invites -anyone want one?


Odd Molly & Twilight | New Moon!

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What a perfect mix! Odd Molly clothes and the cast of Twilight (New Moon is due to be released Nov. 20th)!

Look at this gorgeous photoshoot by Self Magazine (nov) showing autumn knits, the Cullens and Victoria:)
You will see Rachelle La Fevre (Victoria) wearing the #823 Alpaca poncho chalk and #57 a-one silk short dress grey

Also watch the video (below)  from the photoshoot to see Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) wear #75 afterafterski sweater chalk :)))

Odd Molly New Moon Twilight

Odd Molly New Moon Twilight

Odd Molly New Moon Twilight

Odd Molly New Moon Twilight

New KumKum arrivals!

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Right now we’re unpacking and swooning over the new jewelry from KumKum’s luxury collection ‘Purple’! Everyone have already established which ones are their faves and are scrambling to come up with a ‘special occasion’ or reason(s) to treat themselves:)

To heck with it! We’re women! We deserve everything we want!:)

If I had to narrow down my faves to two, these are the rings that are my absolute must-haves; the pictures do not make them justice, they are even more gorgeous in person! The huge flawless multikarat blue topaz is spectacular and very special.



Next year’s ‘it’ stone is Cat’s Eye (chrysoberyl) and has been regarded as a gemstone which protects its wearer and keeps disaster at bay. The cat’s eye most of all is seen as a particularly effective protective stone and talisman. On account of its golden tones, chrysoberyl is often also associated with wealth – and this idea is certainly not without foundation, since in its most beautiful form as a high-quality cat’s eye it is up among the gemstones of the luxury class.

KumKum RI-PU-2 Cats Eye

KumKum RI-PU-2 Cat's Eye

Darn it. I must include this ring too! It’s another one I must have….gorgeous!!

KumKum RI-PU-3 Zircon ring

KumKum RI-PU-3 Zircon ring

We’re adding all the new styles from the beautiful Purple collection to the website right now, refresh this page for the next few days to see more styles show up!


THIS SATURDAY OCT 24th! “Howl O’ Ween”

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Leucadia Nights “Howl O’ Ween

October 24, 2009   5:30 – 8:30 pm (stop by deepFLING for wine & snacks!)

An After Hours Walkabout  for People and Pets on Hwy 101 in Leucadia

New for this year, “Howl O’ Ween” A Pet Parade and Pet Halloween Costume Contest!

(click banners below for information)

Howl O'Ween



Odd Molly arrivals

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These days we seem to sell out before we even have time to send out newsletters to our Odd Molly friends….sorry about that! A bunch of special orders are going out tomorrow morning. We got a few cute jacquard sleevewarmers in the same fair isle pattern as the lovely knit jackets! They come in both royal and dark blue. A few pieces of the dreamy pet frill scarf in cashmere and afterafterski sweater are also available. Swoon!

Next week arrivals are: more of the sold out #136 glazing vee top in grey, more of the sold out larger sizes of #153 voile short dress chocolate and new #153 voile short dress rose. And darling little florist jacquard mittens and # nefertiti blouse in chocolate.


Lazy sunday post

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I wish sundays spanned the length of, at least, 3 days….or so. Trying to re-coup from the Odd Molly winter arrival shipping frenzy from earlier in the week and shake this sinus headache I’ve had for the last few weeks. Weird, I didnt even know there were such a thing as sinus headache from growing up in Sweden. Here, everytime we have the dry santa ana winds blowing in from the desert, my sinuses go bananas:( I can even see it on the pics below, I get dark circles and puffy around the eyes…even my hair goes limp:) I seem to do better in cold salty slushy scandinavian winds….

I’ve been wearing the #153 voile short dress chalk since I pulled it out of the box. I just love the cotton voile fabric used in this style, in the revolution blouse and the #327 for example. It is sooo soft and lightweight. I’m normally a size 1 in Odd Molly clothing but ended up getting a size 0 in this style. The cotton voile stretches with wear and feels almost a size bigger after a day.

If you ever get a chance to see Trevor Hall live -you must! The studio version of ‘lime tree’ is great (promise you will listen to it at least 3 times ok!?) but live it is so immensely amazingly good! He voice goes from soothingly soft to full belly belching loud/strong. Trevor was opening for Spearhead at SD house of blues just a few weeks ago. Got dragged there by a friend and didn’t really know either of the bands but ended up spotifying Trevor Hall after that and been addicted to this song ever since.


Karin is in the details…

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As you fall in love with Odd Molly clothing and start collecting them from one season to another, you’ll start to notice all the little details that makes your heart go pitter-patter. Little embroidered sayings, immaculate lace detailing in places only you will see and carefully selected and disbursed colors that pairs not only with other styles from the current collection but several seasons back! Karin (Jimfelt-Ghatan) have put so much effort and fairy dust magic in the details of her designs that it makes me smile to discover them.

#153 voile short dress chalk (same goes for the chocolate version) with delicate embroidery that have flowers in the same identical royal color as the #68 coolwool cardigan (btw, I cannot do without this cardigan, I wear it over everything!

#153 short voile dress chocolate with same purple and orange embroidery matching the long shoulder strap on the #98 suede frill bag chocolate.

A quick shot from deepFLING’s back deck….it’s starting to feel like fall!! Me like, I get in a spicy cider-y mood:)



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The shipment with Odd Molly winter styles are arriving on our doorstop tue-wed next week!!! Oh so many lovelies!

You can pre-order the styles right now (they will ship out the same day as we get the shipment next week)!


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