Odd Molly Winter is arriving!

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Just got word that the beautiful winter styles are being shipped out! Stay tuned for more info!


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As many of you have already heard, we are switching from Pandora to two other lovely charm brands Chamilia and Lovelinks. We can hardly wait to introduce these two gorgeous brands to you!

Meanwhile, shop the last of our Pandora inventory for an amazing 50% off! This offer is good until and on Sunday 4th. Monday morning all remaining stock will be shipped back to Pandora.

If you can not make it in to the store, feel free to phone in your order 760.942.4254 (but please note that we might have to take down your information and call you back as these last few days have been quite hectic). Thank you for your patience!

Juicy news and geeky nerdy-ness

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Have you guys heard??? An Odd Molly concept store will open in Los Angeles in Feb 2010. On 104 S. Robertson Blvd to be exact (is american apparel moving/going out of business?) So exciting!

tesla oddmolly los angeles detal floss

These last days have been a haze of website work and development, it’s coming together and we’re seeing the light in the end of the tunnel. I’m almost as excited about that as I was to find a place that still had my **favourite** dental floss (it has been discontinued to my great dismay) so I ordered the rest of their stock:)

After a long day, we went to dinner at one of the best little Japanese tapas/sake house restaurant Yu Me Ya -such good food!! Outside, someone had parked my dream car, a solar powered Tesla roadster! Hello!!  Yes, I’m a nerd.


Hopelessly in love!

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It’s official! I have utterly and completely fallen in love with what I now know is my absolute favourite Odd Molly fall 09 style!  The #68 coolwool dress.

I didn’t see it coming but once I tried it on -it was loooove!

Pictures do not do this dress justice, that is all I can say. I will love, cherish and wear the heck out of this dress. It’s slimming (I’m even wearing a blousy Hunky Dory dress underneath) and hugs the body really nicely. All the little details, crochet flourishes and fine sooooft wool is what Odd Molly does best. We only got a few in each size so hurry!

odd molly coolwool

Also enthralled with the #69 coolwool cardigan in royal, it goes perfectly over so many of the lighter Odd Molly styles now when the evenings are starting to cool down. It looks absolutely perfect over any of the styles with the royal colored trim or embroidery. Tip: try it over your FoL, the empire waist style of both look very cute together.

P.S We will ship out another batch of special orders on Monday!

Sienna & Sedona

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On Sept. 21st, two little sweet twin girls were born! Their beautiful mom Yasmin is one of my dearest friends and fellow Odd Molly fanatic:) (I really wished Odd Molly did children’s clothing!) Congratulations Jack and Yasmin and welcome Sienna and Sedona!!

Jack and Yasmin

California comfy

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I used to work for many years as a consultant in Stockholm and after moving to California, I was initially chocked over exactly how casual people dressed here. If you live/work by Östermalms torg, you dress up just to go grocery shopping at Konsum around the corner:) Anyways, it didnt take me long to embrace the ‘california casual’ dress code and certain days (especially when I dont work the store but is stuck at home working on the computer) I fear I might’ve taken it too far and is starting to look like a slouch…oh well.

Good thing is that my fave Odd Molly styles really blend in very nicely with the comfy casual look:)
revolution blouse

BTW, we only have one pc. size 2 left of the  #110 nowornever melton coat in red BUT sweet Holly over at Huset have a precious few left in bigger sizes!


Birthday Bliss

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Having your b-day on 9-11 can put a damper on things but I try to not watch the news channels other than in the morning.
It’s been a wonderful day with husband, family and friends. I’m so blissfully greatful for all the precious in my life.

precious things

Gonna round off this crazy hectic but gorgeous day with dinner cooked by husband and a movie on (one of my b-day presents) the new fiftytwo bravia tv. How can one resist it when a commercial for a brand of tv uses eye candy graphics AND music from my beloved José González??:)

Btw, big Odd Molly shipment arrived today. Looks like more Taradiddles in grey and royal (!) and many more special orders, we’ll send out emails tomorrow! Ohhh, and the skincare finally arrived….the body oil is luscious!


‘Purple’ ‘Royal’ ‘Love’

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In Sweden they have a saying that goes something like “a loved child has many names” (“kärt barn har många namn”). Purple seem to be the next color to love and coincidentally Odd Molly’s name for purple in the spring /summer 2010 collection is ‘love’!:)

Here’s some KumKum beauties (their next luxury collection is even named ‘Purple’) along with a late blooming flower from our backyard.  The concord grapes are actually hanging outside the french doors of our bedroom. This year, the grapevine went nut-so and climbed the palm tree all the way up:) Those grapes are soooo sweet. Must try to make jam this year….


Powder obsession

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The color ‘powder’ has become an obsession of mine! It started with some Odd Mollies in powder and now I can’t get enough. It’s like a light dusty rose or ‘gammal rosa’….love it! It’s a color that transcends the seasons -just like ‘chalk’.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


P.S So sorry to all of you who have commented in this blog -I had to set it to automatically decline postings because the amount of spam. The new version of deepFLING.com will not have a wordpress blog but something better, until then, keep emailing me and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

P.S P.S Last shipment of Odd Molly had a little gifty in it: a cd by swedish singer Meja. I’ve been listening to her song ‘at the rainbows end’ for two days in a row and now it’s stuck in my head. Luckily it’s really good:) Meja calls herself ‘urban gypsy’ and I really think it’s the core value of Odd Molly too:)


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