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Earlier this year, we started getting email requests for ‘Eric Northman jewelry’. At first, I was blissfully ignorant to what kind of jewelry this could be since (I try to keep up with all new jewelry brands/designers out of Scandinavia and had heard nothing remotely similar to that name). Very helpful customers then informed me that Eric Northman (played by drop dead gorgeous Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård)  is the Viking vampire character in the HBO’s original series True Blood.

Apparently this series have become extremely popular and because of the overall hotness of the viking vampire Eric, the interest in viking/ancient nordic inspired jewelry have spiked immensely. We had customers asking for everything from Thor’s hammer pendants to inquiring about the anchor necklace that Eric is wearing in the series. It’s apparently Alexander’s own but a reproduction can be purchased here and 100% of the profit goes to IWAF and http://www.tailsforwhales.org (such a wonderful cause and gorgeous necklace, I’m getting one!)
alexander skarsgard

I’m not really a big fan of vampire themed books and movies (I’ll take a UFO movie anyday though!) but HBO produce such well-made and visually great series like Carnevale, John Adams and Big Love (deliciously entertaining drama about polygamist Mormon family), so I watched an episode of True Blood and was instantly hooked! Btw, the first episode of season 1 True Blood premieres on SVT (swedish television) tonight!


Sommarens sista dans (attn FoL lovers!)

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PLEASE NOTE: order opportunity has passed! (Aug 21st)

Every once in a blue moon comes along an Odd Molly style that is just really special. Either you loved and bought it the minute it was released or you were one of those who needed a little time to warm up to it. Either way, the Fields of Lace dress have melted many hearts!

Seems like we can get a very few of the FoL in for those of you who didn’t get a chance to grab one during the sale. We love this style and want as many women as possible to dance around in one and will even extend the sale price $158 (not including shipping) for this special order opportunity!

Contact me (malin at deepfling dot com) if want to get a FoL (specify color and size). Please note that I will do my very best to fulfill everyone’s wishes, but in some of the color/size combos, there are only 1 pc. left.

Monday morning is when I will send in the order. We should have the shipment 7-10 days later (perhaps earlier but can’t promise).

#960 chalk sz 0,1,2 & 3
#960 white sz 1,2 & 3
#960 red sz 0,2 & 3


blurry day

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What was supposed to be a straight forward day, lots of packing/shipping but easy as pie, turned into hectic blur. Even the photos turned blurry:) Wanted to try on everything that arrived but just didn’t get a chance. Did however realize I have a major crush on the a-one silk dress! It will go soooo great with my charcoal grey knee-high leather boots.

I’m still in disbelief over that I live a minute from the beach in southern cali and my legs are that pale -and I’m a swede! Swedes tan like crazy usually (probably because they want to squeese the most out the short short summers).


Tomorrow thursday!!…

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…is when the next shipment of Odd Molly fall 09 will arrive! Will prep all pre-orders in the morning so that we can turn around and ship them out by tomorrow afternoon!

I will try on all the goodies and post some photos too:)


Helena’s dress, fall arrivals & more!

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We just got word from Odd Molly that the first shipment of the main Fall styles will be in our hands (and ready to be shipped out) this Thu 13th!! They are:

#22 T88 smock white
#55 revolution blouse powder
#110 nowornever coat dk red
#108 onceinalifetime coat almost black
#57 a-one silk short dress
#233 lovely knit cherry
#233 lovely knit dk blue

No skin care yet:(

Many friends and customers have emailed asking about the gorgeous silk dream dress that Helena wore for the finale. This was a custom style made only for the runway show by Karin herself, by hand, and will sadly not be available (not even as toned down version).
helena dress

BUT I promise, there’s another dress that will be just as much a ‘must-have’!

Soon, the new version of deepFLING will launch and I can’t wait to be able to show all the new brands we’re adding! Lately I have felt drawn to big stone jewelry -the bigger the stones the better! I still like synthetic stones, you can get fun colors that simply just doesnt excist in nature, but my latest craving are huge pieces of natural stones. This necklace below (gorgeous green amethysts) is from Tindra and is one of our new brands that will launch with the new website.
Another new brand will be HappySthlm; dainty jewelry with clean modern shapes that takes inspiration from the ever changing nature.

It’s going to be a great fall!

P.S A new little feature added to the website (more will come in the new www.deepFLING.com version) is the currency converter. Up to the right in the top header of the website, is where you can change our USD prices into your local currency. Please note, even though the exchange rate is updated daily, your bank or credit card issuer might add additional fees.


Odd Molly slip dress tip

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So, as I mentioned, I love my 771A Pilgrim dress from the fall ’08 but the slip dress that came with the Pilgrim dress is what I’ve gotten so much use out of! It is longer than the cotton private and the silk spoiler, so it peeks out from underneath the longer Odd Molly tunics and dresses in a great way. I guess the same effect could be had from the private and spoiler under skirts but you need something underneath most Odd Molly tops anywways, so with the slipdress you get both.

Here it is under the taradiddle dree tunic -the slip dress helps cover up some of my all too pale legs (while the camera nicely hides my no-makeup face -it’s a win-win:)

Also, I wore it to the Odd Molly showroom at it was the perfect thing to wear while trying on all the new styles, it looked great underneath pretty much everything!

So, my tip of the day: scour the internets for the 771A pilgrim dress. Even if you dont love the 771A, it is definately worth getting it on sale just for the slipdress that comes with it:)

Odd Molly ss’10 – BESTest EVER!

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I’m still absolutely in heaven from seeing the ss10 collection on Friday! Literally floating on clouds! Yasmin and I had an early appointment with sweet and gorgeous Meredith to see everything and thank goodness we were there early because it took us almost 6 hours to go through each beautiful style. Yasmin  is very very pregnant with twin girls (who will be Odd Molly fans just like their mom for sure) and you would think she would be tired half way through with that huge belly of hers, but she was so excited over all the pieces and what could be paired together that she was fluttering like a butterfly from one end of the showroom to the other:)

I have so much to tell but still need to  get some must-do’s crossed off my to-do list before I can sit down and write all the fun stuff. One little piece of lovely news, the #327 will be back in 3 colors! When Karin presented the collection to all the distributors, they were protesting en masse because the 327 is such a fave. So, it will come back for yet another season:) I’m happy of course because it’s always hard to say good-bye to those styles that are just perfect but honestly -there are sooooo many lovlies in the spring/summer collection that it might’ve not been missed!

Ok ok, gotta get some work done!


Dress fever (Odd Molly)

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I wasn’t really a dress loving person before I discovered Odd Molly (I’m pretty sure deepFLING were one of the very first places selling Odd Molly here in the US). There is something about their dresses that just feels (and looks) right when you are wearing them. I had allready done most of my homework on what dresses to especially check out in detail when we go to D&A but after the runway show went live, I all of a sudden saw dresses that I had allready put in the ‘probably not’ category because there’s simply so many other cute ones. Now I’m all confused again! (who am I kidding, I’m in a state of constant confusion:)

So Karin’s dress (#299 Annie Oakley s/s dress) must now make the list, I had it only picked out in the dark powder color but both the lite pink and indigo (below) are now my faves!
299 annie oakley
(Btw, check out Per -is what he is wearing perhaps indicative of what the Odd Molly men’s line is going to look like?)

Ok, onward to Helena’s dress (#301 Annie Oakley strap dress), it’s actually the same dress as the model is wearing but they tie the strap differently -love the cleverness! (Look how cute Per’s daughter Julia looks! I’ll write about her dress and more at a later date)
301 annie oakley

Oh, I almost forgot…look at what the woman is wearing behind the other two ladies; the #51 A-one short silk dress from the main fall collection that we’ve not yet received in stock (it looks great matched with the multi kulti bag that we’ve unfortunately sold out of ).51 a-one silk dress
Source for all photos: www.sthlmfinest.se (photographer Armand Dommer)

Kräftskiva! (crayfish partay)

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Our annual trip to Sweden this summer did not happen this year.  It feels a little sad talking to my sister who is on the west coast of Sweden visiting my mom (briefly before she continues her horse buying trek through Scandinavia).  Anyways, luckily there’s a gang of Swedes living close to us here in southern cali, so I don’t have to do without the August kräftskiva -yay! Picture huge plates of crayfish, people in little party hats (a must at a crayfish party), who’ve had perhaps a smidgen too much to drink and who are all singing the obligatory crayfish party songs (also a must).

I’m gonna wear my beloved tried and true Odd Molly Pilgrim dress (who never fails me when I’m too stressed and frazzled to think of anything to wear)

and long necklace made of four different chains from the new “Create-it” from Pilgrim and letter charms (also Pilgrim) spelling ‘DU FRIA’ (a few words from Sweden’s national anthem). Yes, you guessed it -this is exactly how corny I get when I’m feeling homesick….
Too many things need doin’ this summer so I just have to buckle up and get through it, business expansion/growth is definitely worth skipping ONE summer trip to the motherland… isn’t it?

Speaking of things need doing, I’m trying to prep for the D&A show and the buying of Odd Molly ss10. There’s so many styles to swoon over and only so much space in our store:) I think for next collection, the amount of styles I’m picking for my own personal use has quadrupled from other seasons. There’s just so much I want….


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