Jennie live at Södra Bar (gives me goosebumps!)

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This song is my new obsession! Gorgeous song ‘Åträsk ‘ (a little place in the northern part of Sweden) by Jennie Abrahamson, who’s voice is to die for and on top of that the backup singer girl is playing the harmonica like nobody’s business (I always wanted to learn that). Must play this song over and over!

Btw, I have some Spotify invites -anyone want one?


Kräftskiva! (crayfish partay)

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Our annual trip to Sweden this summer did not happen this year.  It feels a little sad talking to my sister who is on the west coast of Sweden visiting my mom (briefly before she continues her horse buying trek through Scandinavia).  Anyways, luckily there’s a gang of Swedes living close to us here in southern cali, so I don’t have to do without the August kräftskiva -yay! Picture huge plates of crayfish, people in little party hats (a must at a crayfish party), who’ve had perhaps a smidgen too much to drink and who are all singing the obligatory crayfish party songs (also a must).

I’m gonna wear my beloved tried and true Odd Molly Pilgrim dress (who never fails me when I’m too stressed and frazzled to think of anything to wear)

and long necklace made of four different chains from the new “Create-it” from Pilgrim and letter charms (also Pilgrim) spelling ‘DU FRIA’ (a few words from Sweden’s national anthem). Yes, you guessed it -this is exactly how corny I get when I’m feeling homesick….
Too many things need doin’ this summer so I just have to buckle up and get through it, business expansion/growth is definitely worth skipping ONE summer trip to the motherland… isn’t it?

Speaking of things need doing, I’m trying to prep for the D&A show and the buying of Odd Molly ss10. There’s so many styles to swoon over and only so much space in our store:) I think for next collection, the amount of styles I’m picking for my own personal use has quadrupled from other seasons. There’s just so much I want….


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