adorable swedish band

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Oldie but such a goodie song! Hoffmaestro & Chraa – Highwayman. This one is for you Max on your cross-country travels:)


Jennie live at Södra Bar (gives me goosebumps!)

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This song is my new obsession! Gorgeous song ‘Åträsk ‘ (a little place in the northern part of Sweden) by Jennie Abrahamson, who’s voice is to die for and on top of that the backup singer girl is playing the harmonica like nobody’s business (I always wanted to learn that). Must play this song over and over!

Btw, I have some Spotify invites -anyone want one?


Lazy sunday post

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I wish sundays spanned the length of, at least, 3 days….or so. Trying to re-coup from the Odd Molly winter arrival shipping frenzy from earlier in the week and shake this sinus headache I’ve had for the last few weeks. Weird, I didnt even know there were such a thing as sinus headache from growing up in Sweden. Here, everytime we have the dry santa ana winds blowing in from the desert, my sinuses go bananas:( I can even see it on the pics below, I get dark circles and puffy around the eyes…even my hair goes limp:) I seem to do better in cold salty slushy scandinavian winds….

I’ve been wearing the #153 voile short dress chalk since I pulled it out of the box. I just love the cotton voile fabric used in this style, in the revolution blouse and the #327 for example. It is sooo soft and lightweight. I’m normally a size 1 in Odd Molly clothing but ended up getting a size 0 in this style. The cotton voile stretches with wear and feels almost a size bigger after a day.

If you ever get a chance to see Trevor Hall live -you must! The studio version of ‘lime tree’ is great (promise you will listen to it at least 3 times ok!?) but live it is so immensely amazingly good! He voice goes from soothingly soft to full belly belching loud/strong. Trevor was opening for Spearhead at SD house of blues just a few weeks ago. Got dragged there by a friend and didn’t really know either of the bands but ended up spotifying Trevor Hall after that and been addicted to this song ever since.


Juicy news and geeky nerdy-ness

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Have you guys heard??? An Odd Molly concept store will open in Los Angeles in Feb 2010. On 104 S. Robertson Blvd to be exact (is american apparel moving/going out of business?) So exciting!

tesla oddmolly los angeles detal floss

These last days have been a haze of website work and development, it’s coming together and we’re seeing the light in the end of the tunnel. I’m almost as excited about that as I was to find a place that still had my **favourite** dental floss (it has been discontinued to my great dismay) so I ordered the rest of their stock:)

After a long day, we went to dinner at one of the best little Japanese tapas/sake house restaurant Yu Me Ya -such good food!! Outside, someone had parked my dream car, a solar powered Tesla roadster! Hello!!  Yes, I’m a nerd.


California comfy

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I used to work for many years as a consultant in Stockholm and after moving to California, I was initially chocked over exactly how casual people dressed here. If you live/work by Östermalms torg, you dress up just to go grocery shopping at Konsum around the corner:) Anyways, it didnt take me long to embrace the ‘california casual’ dress code and certain days (especially when I dont work the store but is stuck at home working on the computer) I fear I might’ve taken it too far and is starting to look like a slouch…oh well.

Good thing is that my fave Odd Molly styles really blend in very nicely with the comfy casual look:)
revolution blouse

BTW, we only have one pc. size 2 left of the  #110 nowornever melton coat in red BUT sweet Holly over at Huset have a precious few left in bigger sizes!


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