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Posted in Odd Molly at 10:40 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

Today, us retailers got to see the spring/summer 2010 styles at www.oddmolly.com! Even though we’re in the middle of a grueling complete re-design of deepFLING.com (new fresh look, tons more brands, easier shopping & shipping for international customers plus much more!), I just had to take a little break with iced coffee (it’s sooo hot here in southern Cali right now -feels almost like ‘end-of-days’ temperatures) and looking at the spring/summer collection on the laptop in the backyard! Besides, have to prep before seeing the collection in person at the showroom in a few weeks to place the order….

My first thought was that it has more of a Swedish feel to it than in the past. Almost Fanny & Alexander meets Madicken (the first a Bergman movie set in beginning of the twentieth century Sweden and second is Astrid Lindgren’s children story from the same era) with a twang of the 70’ies hobo but then there’s definately almost every decade represented; 20ies, 30ies and even 50ies -but somehow it feels modern and new. I love it!

A few hints/thoughts:

  • no sign of #327 (grab what you can from fall’09) but I see a great replacement style that I want in every color!
  • the beloved Livealot blouse lives on but without the panel of embroidery on the back, so if you love that flourish, get it while you can.

Ok, back to work on website….sigh

P.S In 7 days, you can see live streaming video of the spring/summer 2010 collections being shown on the runway directly from Grand Hôtel Stockholm at www.oddmolly.com, Take your seat at front row!

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