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The grand opening of the US odd molly flagship store kicked off last night in west hollywood.! I wish I had more pics for you but my beloved sony finally bit the dust like 10 minutes after we arrived. Coincidentally, the last picture it ever took (unless some handy camera guy can resurrect it) was of Anna Anka. Maybe, the sheer magnitude of taking her photo was all it needed to feel it had lived a fulfilled camera life, who knows:)

hehe you can actually see heidi klum in the back:)

the grand finale -my camera's farewell picture:)

Anyways, Karin was so beautiful and petite in one of her Annie Oakley dresses. Per was his own rugged handsome self as usual (Per, why are you always wearing white?). Pretty pretty Lena Filipson was there and those two look so cute together:) Helena….how can anyone look so gorgeous? She barely had any makeup on and managed to look positively radiant. And no one but her can wear the chrysalis minigown as a going-out dress. Heidi Klum was there doing a tv interview….another woman who gets more and more beautiful with age!
Who else? Oh, Malin Akerman was soo cute in her grey sumthing dress. Everyone inside were so properly cool and ….cool -while she was smiling really wide to everyone. Maud Adams was there too, another woman who frikken do not age!
We didn’t stay until the end unfortunately (friends had a moving-in party in long beach).

Malin in her grey sumthing dress

Tara Subkoff (looks like she recouped after her brain tumor)

Malin Åkerman

copyright www.hollywood.com (see more images from the odd molly store party here)

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