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Here’s some lovely images to peruse while you drink your weekend morning coffee! This photoshoot has a very ‘almost famous’ (the movie) feel, dont you think?

It really dawned on me when I saw these gorgeous photos of Daisy (shot by Helena Christensen – is there anything that woman isn’t good at?:) ), that here’s this young edgy girl wearing odd molly clothes and they look so good -like they were made just for her. And this morning I talked to my 64 year old mom in Sweden who babbled on about this folkdance event/competition that she had participated in and that she had worn her beloved odd molly amerind dress and she had felt so pretty because she had gotten so many compliments. I bet there’s some 40 years between my moma and Daisy -somehow it’s like the mollies don’t know age or continents:)

[ Pictures removed, released too soon! ]

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