bluesy blues

Posted in KumKum, Liebeskind, Odd Molly, Syster P at 11:55 am by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

Blue is such a comfort color, like your fave faded jeans or the skies on a fall evening. Most people look amazing in it, with or without a tan. Fifi is wearing the softest #237 fling t-shirt white from odd molly and over that the #654 canna cardigan in indigo (she ended up loving it so much it had to come home with her). She also is wearing the exquisitely fitting #164 yippee embroidered jean dark indigo. Shown left top down is the Delux scarf in blue from Syster P, Sodalite stone ring from KumKum, wonderful Lotta bag from Liebeskind Berlin and on bottom are the gorgeous Molokini earrings from KumKum (arriving in a few days).
Here’s to more fall bluesy blue days!

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