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Reserved Items

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Welcome to deepFLING's odd molly reserve system!

ADVANCED RESERVATION IS AVAILABLE BY INVITE ONLY. Please contact us if you would like access to the reservation system. You will be unable to reserve any items until you have been approved by a deepFLING Administrator.

A few good things to know:
  1. When the Odd Molly shipments arrive, an order with your items will be generated and a special link will be emailed to you to load these items into your shopping cart. You will have days to finalize this order, otherwise your reserved items will be released, and may be purchased by other customers.

  2. Once your order is loaded, you can add items to it if you choose for shipment at the same time. You may also release your reserved items, though be warned: this releases the items immediately! Once an item is released it may be purchased by other customers.

  3. We provide this reserve service as curtesy for our customers. Please do not reserve items you have no intention of buying. Any misuse of the system will result in the loss of the ability to reserve items here at deepFLING.
Have fun reserving your mollies!