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  Lotta Jewellery Sweden

Magic - Graceful - Timeless
Journey with us...
Lotta Jewellery designs arise from the lasting impressions and the intriguing moments of chance meetings and cultural discoveries. Created with the wonder and joy we discover in the innate beauty in nature and the subtle expressions in art the world over.

Lotta Andersson, the designer, is especially inspired by the atmosphere and mystique of Paris and seeks to capture its essence and breathe it into her jewelry creations. Using oxidized silver and antique finished brass, she captures the elegance of the vintage aesthetic, the lasting beauty of the continental, worn look. The result - magic, graceful, timeless; the feel - elegant, provincial, unique.

Lotta Jewellery follows its own path, without anxiously eyeing trends. And the journey is not over yet. In far away countries, in the everyday objects we find there, and in the ever-changing beauty of nature and the world around us, inspiration whispers to us and finds its way into our creations.

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