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MAIKE - yellow (2D leather)*

The small, practical one

At first glance, Maike has a classic look; but at the second glance it shows its true colours: clutch, cross over bag and pocket-wonder in one! With an extraordinary zip fastener design, and offset leather straps, which can be removed if required. A highlight to go in every look - and in gorgeous spring colors to boot!! (Please note: the 2D series is hand dyed in small batches and can vary in hue and intensity of color)
As with all Liebeskind Berlin bags, the gorgeous leather will become even more beautiful with use. You can choose to spray it with a nu-buck/leather protectant or just let natural oils and use weather this bag to perfection!

WHD (inches): 9.1 6.3 2.6
WHD (cm): 23.0 16.0 6.5
removable belt, adjustable in length
zipper at the top
embossing on front
interior zipper compartment grey
100% buffallo-leather
Price: $197.00
** We're sorry, this product is no longer available. =(

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