LeucadiART Walk – Aug 28th!

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The Seventh Annual LeucadiART Walk
August 28, 2011 10am – 5 pm

LeucadiART Walk features “one mile of talent on Hwy 101,” with artists displaying their art on the west side of Hwy 101 between Marcheta and W. Glaucus Streets. The Event Features: Art Demonstrations ~ Live Music ~ Children’s Art Activities ~ A Wine & Beer & Wine Garden (fees apply)~ Free Double-Decker Shuttle Bus Service ~ Free Parking at the Encinitas Civic Center and Coaster Station, both located on Vulcan Ave. at D. Street. Surfing Madonna artist Mark Patterson will be part of the event and will have a portion of the mosaic on display at the event!

This event is free and fun for the whole family. Leucadia art galleries and local artists will display their work during LeucadiART Walk. In addition there will be art demos, live music, children’s art activities, and a beer and wine garden(for people 21 and over, fees apply.) There will be free LeucadiART Walk shuttle bus service for the public to use along Hwy 101. The public is encouraged to use the Encinitas Civic Center and the Coaster Station parking lots, both located on Vulcan at D Street, where a shuttle bus stop will be located. Collectable walking maps will be available listing participating art galleries, artists locations, and entertainment.

Our musical line- up is one again fantastic for the day with local band Shoreline Roots headlining the event and featuring other great locals bands such as: Bluez Dawg, Todd Day Wait; Tree Fingers; Steph Johnson; Dana Ralston; Ben Powell; Trouble in the Wind; Endangered Species; Leucadia Locals; Adrienne Nims; Tropical Breeze and Encinitas School of Music.

For more information, call 760-436-2320


odd molly | 873 tanning knit magnolia

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If you haven’t discovered the hooded #873 tanning knit yet, you’re missing out! It’s as perfect in a nordic winter wonderland as it is on a chilly overcasty cali beach when the tourist season is over. Wonderful soft wool with so so in fair isle ethnic patterns. Love! (Comes in magnolia and lite brown)


odd molly | #841 artwork & #654 multi

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Color color color! We can’t get enough!
Worn here: #654 canna cardigan multi, #841 artwork silk tunic dark indigo, #619 rock-a-fellow silk slip dress dark pink and supersoft #898 heaters merino leggings dark lilac

KumKum | ‘A’ collection!

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Just arrived – new beautiful jewels from KumKum’s ‘A’ collection!

odd molly | 1st fall delivery!

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A bunch of gorgeous fall goodies arrived last week! Here’s the gorgeous #841 artwork silk tunic winter white, #233A lovely knit multi cardigan mid grey melange and #540 jacquard sleevewarmer rouge


odd molly | ss2012 recap (part 2)

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We’re one day into shipping out fall styles to everyone and feels like we at least shaved off the tip of the iceberg today. Tons more to ship out these next few days but wanted to post the 2nd recap of the odd molly ss2012 runway show since there so many beauties left!
#58 the silken halter neck dress and the absolutely dreamy #941 orlov coat (also comes in vintage dark grey)

Adorable capsleeved #7 rock-a-fellow slip top and #748a rock-a-fellow silk undies

Luscious #16 scentuality wrap in pure silk

Uber cute #15 scentuality slip top and #748a rock-a-fellow silk undies

#14 rock-a-fellow slip tank

A new must-have! #18 scentuality slip dress

#618 rock-a-fellow silk slip tank #748a rock-a-fellow silk undies

Uber cute #15 scentuality slip top, #16 scentuality wrap and #12 scentuality skirt

We love this one! #970 ceremony l/s tunic

#96 tripper B long skirt -amazing embroidery details! Wear as a maxi skirt or pull up to wear as a dress

Gorgeous #105 metallic halter neck dress (but product image shows the skirt ending at first ruffle, maybe altered long for runway?)

Beautiful #54 heavy metal long dress

#967 ceremony strap dress with its wonderful elastic smocked top

And the gorgeous runway show wedding dress:)

Hope I got it all? Will list the names of the ss2012 styles not included in the show that you have to keep your eyes out for, and the ones we think will be everyones fave, later this fall!


odd molly | ss2012 recap (part 1)

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Hope you caught the ss2012 show? (If not, the on-demand version can be found in the same player). Loved the happy and smiling models with more curves than in the last show. It was a sleek and neutral color palette on the runway, more like a small representation of what all wonderfulness that actually is the full collection. So many styles in many gorgeous colors were missing from the showing, but you just will have to wait to see those beauties:) As promised, here’s a recap on the styles shown today:

Entirely handcrochet stunning #91 forsome tunic (will come in silky white, vintage indigo, dark powder, dark pink)

Delicate knit #82 timeout cardigan (will come in vintage white, dark blossom, golden rose, vintage dark grey, dark powder)

Cute #90 forsome tank and beautiful companion #89 forsome skirt (will come in silky white, vintage indigo, dark powder, dark pink)#44 harlow dress (will come in vintage indigo, vintage white, green, vintage rose, dark blossom, vintage dark grey)

#51 pointers v-neck (comes in tons of colors!), #951a white stretch jean with embroidery and #585a white bikette denim jacket with embroidery on back and collar.

#53 pointers short cardigan (tons of colors!) and #730 forsome shorts (will come in silky white, vintage indigo, dark powder, dark pink)

#51 pointers v-neck (comes in tons of colors!) and must-have’s #999 forsome pants

#55 pointers cardigan (will come in vintage white, dark blossom, golden rose, vintage dark grey, dark powder)

#41 tricolor dress and #110 carpus mercerised sleevewarmers (comes in porcelain, dark indigo and dark blossom)

#979 scarlet l/s tunic and 717a smirk 3/4 leggings (great staple!) (both comes in more gorgeous colors)

#955 ballzy shorts (i pledge to do pilaties until i can wear these beauties!) and #954 ballzy jacket (huge emboidery on back)

#585 bikette denim jacket (stunning embroidery on back), #730 forsome shorts and #110 carpus mercerised sleevewarmers with #40 hightwist jumper

#85 tadaa long dress (comes in winter white, vintage turquoise, silky purple and dark indigo)

#47 flirtini hood jacket (comes in several beautiful colors)

Currently unknown leather jacket, to-die-for #35 silkmere cardigan and #39 hightwist flare pant

Currently unknown leather coat and handbag and #57 the silken tunic dress (comes in vintage rose, vintage dark grey and silky red)

#33 pukka long cardigan (photo doesnt do this gorgeous cardigan justice) and #967 ceremony strap dress

#58 the silken halter neck dress and beautful #34 pukka wrap cardigan

#40 hightwist jumper and #32 hightwist skirt


odd molly | ss2012 world premiere AUG 11!

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The amazing odd molly spring/summer 2012 (we saw the entire collection at the odd molly headquarter a week ago and it is gorgeous!) will be presented tomorrow from Berns, Berzelii Park, Stockholm tomorrow August 11! You can see the the show live here, starting 10:30am PST (7:30pm swedish time). If you miss it, just reload this page for an on-demand version running in the same player below (give it some time to load). As always, after the event, we will also post a style-by-style guide so you’ll be in the know!


In stock NOW! | Pilgrim summer essentials

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With summer’s soft and flowy tops, chunky jewelry can feel too heavy. Delicate long necklaces with small charms (layer away!) adds length to the neckline and won’t get in the way when we slather on sunblock. Here’s two great pieces from Pilgrim: dainty gold chain with small charms and 2in1 necklace with semi-precious stones and little charms.


odd molly | 1st FALL delivery next week!

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Greetings from Copenhagen! We’re are in Denmark, spending the last days at the fashion show -but wanted to let you know that the first fall delivery will arrive early next week! It’s gonna be a big one, we are getting almost all of fall! We will process reserves first and make the rest available for immediate order very soon after!
Psst, our beloved 781 suiteheart dress will be in this shipment:)


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