odd molly | FIRST spring delivery!

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We’re  so excited to say welcome to the first main odd molly spring delivery! The shipment is arriving wednesday and we will begin to process reserves tomorrow and make the rest available for order. These are the darlings that will arrive :

#608 changeling dress vintage dark grey

#608 changeling dress vintage dark chalk

#619 rock-a-fellow silk slip dress vintage powder

#619 rock-a-fellow silk slip dress dark rose

#619 rock-a-fellow silk slip dress dark berry

#643 cherie blouse white

#560 twiddle hood jacket emb lite military

#560 twiddle hood jacket emb vintage chalk

#327 light cotton embroidered s/s dark old rose

#327 light cotton embroidered s/s white

#327 light cotton embroidered s/s vintage berry

#580 ka-ching plain dress dark berry

#580 ka-ching plain dress dark powder

#580 ka-ching plain dress dark rose

#577 ka-ching pocket dress green

#577 ka-ching pocket dark berry

#577 ka-ching pocket dark magnolia

#577 ka-ching pocket dark powder

#578 ka-ching trouser green

#578 ka-ching trouser dark berry

#578 ka-ching trouser dark magnolia

#578 ka-ching trouser dark powder


dF 6 Year Anniversary Sale!

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Help us celebrate 6 lovely years with great business and the best customers on earth! Our once a year sale starts Jan 29th and goes to Feb 14th (we opened our doors on Valentine’s Day 6 years ago!)


odd molly | 603 shivers blouse

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Another style that customers email us about is the #603 shivers blouse. Here’s Fifi showing what it looks like on in a sz 1 (this color will unfortunately not go into production but you can see how it fits). This pretty jacket feels more like a blouse – very soft and lightweight, we’ve been wearing this like crazy!

odd molly | nesbitt & calamity fit

Posted in Odd Molly at 10:52 am by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

We’ve gotten  a lot of questions about the fit of the super cute sweaters #735 nesbitt and #734 calamity. Both are knitted out of this really amazingly soft cotton/modal blend and have sections of sandwashed cotton jacquard. Here’s how they look on. If you are in between sizes or have a wider back and shoulders, consider sizing up in the #735 nesbitt cardigan since the pretty back section in not stretchy like the knitted front. (Fifi is wearing a sz 1 in both styles)


liebeskind | uber popular MIA

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Wow, everyone is loving the Liebeskind bags! We are trying to handle everyones requests as they come in. We’re expecting to get in a delivery with extra bags very soon. In there will be more of the super popular Mia bag in stone, black and a very a precious few of the blue color! We’re getting in just a couple so email us at info@deepfling.com and we will put you on a waiting list. We are also getting more of Gloria!

odd molly | bloomer & twiddle hood

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Look how adorable Fifi looked when she came by to pick me up for a walk on the beach!:)

She had on her beloved  #560 twiddle hood jacket and #717 full bloomers multi (both arriving soon) – I got these both for myself but somehow they ended up being Fifi’s:)

kumkum | necklace image request

Posted in KumKum at 5:16 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

A customer wanted to know what the gorgeous KumKum silver/pearl necklace (NE P-7) looks on. Here’s a photo for you Eva!


odd molly | reserve spring!

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Whooop! Our entire order of Odd Molly main spring is now available in our reserve system for everyone!
If you want access to our reserve system, create an account and then email us (info@deepfling.com) to ask us to flag your account and we will do so with swiftness!:)


Our first delivery of spring styles will arrive next week! As soon as we know what styles will be in the first cap, we will let you know!


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