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Hey guys
We understand that some of you have been upset over the recent select odd molly spring reserve showing. Our intention was to implement a tier system which would have included all our customers over a number of days. As you all know we strive to give all our customers the best help and service we can but nevertheless we like to be able to give priority to our core of long standing customers. Given the recent controversy we have closed the reserve system altogether and will get back to you with more information at a later date.


odd molly | showroom 2011 sneak peek 1

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Odd Molly ss2011 is will start arriving in Jan and we can’t wait! One of our faves is the #649 elouise cobell cardigan (Fifi is wearing it in dark berry) which is a modern take on the Chanel jacket infused with Odd Molly magic. This little beauty will come in a few different colors!

odd molly | rest of pre-spring arriving tomorrow!

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We’ve been waiting for the second pre-spring delivery and tomorrow it will arrive! (Reserves – your orders will ship asap!)
What’s coming:
#635 euphorbia tunic vintage chalk

#580 ka-ching plain dress mid blue

#580 ka-ching plain dress military

#580 ka-ching plain dress chalk

#580 ka-ching plain dress almost black

#578 ka-ching trouser dark rose

#578 ka-ching trouser military

#578 ka-ching trouser chalk

#578 ka-ching trouser almost black


dF misc | dis’n dat

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Phew, this years shipping frenzy is almost over – xmas deadline for international express is tomorrow Dec 16th (orders must be in by noon PST) but you domestic sweeties still have a week to shop to your hearts content!  Right now though, we are gonna take last batch to post office and then pick up food from Blue Ribbon Pizza (you locals have got to go there! Best pizza and side dishes! We get this to split every time: Yellowtail crudo (sashimi tuna on avocado with ruby grapefruit), beet salad (bunch of beets with st reyes blue cheese and hazelnuts), rustic bread bruschetta (dreamy), Blue Ribbon pizza extra (fresh cherry tomatoes & parmigiano reggiano)  And lastly we split a butterscotch pudding (bottom layer of butter scotch pudding with the top layer of thick dark caramel, fleur de sell and real heavy creme churned and whipped to perfection -most probably by fairies in the back). No wonder my jeans feel tight…

Oh, have to tell you a story that a customer shared with me today. She was buying a liebeskind bag for her friend (and she thought it was great that liebeskind means love child in German) as a token of support because of what her friend and husband had just done. They have opened their home to a young single mom with her three kids, so that she can get on her feet in a safe and secure environment. What a truly loving wonderful thing to do! How many of us would do that? Got a little teary eyed when I heard this great story…

Ok, time to eat and then it’s time to wrap xmas presents for friends & family while listening to bon iver (I should be listening to xmas music but I get enough of that during the day:) Don’t forget to tune into Conan tonight (TBS at 11pm) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes are performing!


KumKum | BEACH sneak peek!

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We have seen heaven and it is all in KumKum’s next collection BEACH! (delivery mid March) Love love love the colors…. Can’t wait to wear these jewels with tan skin and a dab of white jasmine oil behind the ears. Dont’ need much else!

Kumkum | Anne loves her studs!

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Actress Anne Hathaway is spotted wearing another pair of KumKum stud earrings (this time EA WL-7- Green Amethyst) to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert press conference at the Plaza Hotel on December 11, 2010 in Oslo, Norway.

Gorgeous earrings on a gorgeous woman!

Liebeskind | Love Child Gloria

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The long awaited supple leather bags from Liebeskind Berlin have arrived! Here’s the third bag, Gloria in vintage leather ‘brandy’. This Gloria style makes our heart beat a little faster! Reminiscent of the Birkin bag but smaller and cuter!.

To get your own Love Child Gloria bag ($279), email us at info@deepfling.com or call 760.942.4254

As with all Liebeskin bags from the Love Child collection, the gorgeous leather will become even more beautiful with use. You can choose to spray it with a nu-buck/leather protectant or just let natural oils and use weather this bag to perfection!

Separate internal compartments (no shoulder strap) H27 x W34 x D15 cm

pilgrim | tree of life (gift idea)

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We have managed to score additional stock of the much loved, but discontinued, Tree of Life silver charm from Pilgrim. Need a stocking stuffer? Everyone wants this!


odd molly | some pre-sping arriving TODAY!

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Santa is coming early!  Little cute Fedex guy will deliver a shipment with the following styles below (the #580 ka-ching plain dress, trousers and euphorbia tunic will arrive next week). We will resolve everyone’s reserve lists and put the rest available to order tonight!

#719 early spring tunic magnolia

#719 early spring tunic grey

#577 ka-ching pocket dress military

#577 ka-ching pocket dress blue

#577 ka-ching pocket dress dark rose

#577 ka-ching pocket dress almost black


dF misc | Holiday shipping dates

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It’s already creeping up towards mid December and we are shipping everyones xmas orders as fast as we can! If you are planning to order some deepFLING goodies for your special somone(s), take a moment to review the shipping deadlines below provided by the US postal service. Please note, these are estimates only -your local customs and postal service can experience a higher mail volume than normal which can cause extra delays. So, if you are one of our sweet international customers and want a package to put under the tree -don’t wait until the last minute!:)
Priority Mail® Domestic:
Dec. 21st: USPS Priority Mail®
Dec. 22rd: USPS Express Mail®

Priority Mail® International:
Dec. 10th: Asia, Australia, Mexico
Dec. 13th: Europe & Canada

Express Mail® International:
Dec. 16th: Europe, Asia, Australia

* Orders must be received by noon PST

Here’s some great music to calm your frayed Holiday shopping nerves:)


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