chamilia | kringle bracelet

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Hope you guys had a wonderful TG weekend with family and friends! With harvest-y fall colors over and done with, we are craving all things December. Here’s this year’s Chamilia Kringle bracelet that Shari put together! With these record low temps we’re having, let’s light up a log and pour ourselves some spiked eggnog and re-arrange our charm bracelet for the Holidays. I have a feeling Shari has a Kringle necklace in the works too:) Stay tuned!

Charms used in this darling Kringle bracelet (from right)
MB-20, Freedom Lock – Silver Lines
GA-51, Sterling Silver – Snowflake
O-13, Mur Gls – Aqua Swirl
1183377-68 Lovelinks sterling spacer w red crystals (call or email to order)
2020-0570, Sterling Silver w Enamel – Snowy Pinecone
O-17, Mur Gls – Red Spiral
2020-0580, Sterling Silver w Enamel – Christmas Elf
I-53, Sterling Silver w Stone – Wheel – May
2020-0560, Disney – Sledding Winnie
O-19, Mur Gls – Green Spiral
GA-116, Sterling Silver – Christmas Tree
1183377-68 Lovelinks sterling spacer w red crystals (call or email to order)
O-61, Mur Gls – Frosted White Twisty
GA-114, Sterling Silver – Ornament Swirl
MB-1, Freedom Lock – Lines


pilgrim charms | metal mix

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We’ve got the display filled with new winter charms/chains from Pilgrim! (shop regular charms here and shop mega charms here) Play around with mixing different metals: silver/gold/copper/gunmetal.

A&C | last in stock (gift idea)

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Tonight we are re-decorating the store for xmas, so everyone visiting us tomorrow will walk into a winter wonderland! The race to find gifts for everyone on your list has officially begun. Here’s a gorgeous necklace from A&C (Norway) from their dust collection -it will make anyone swoon. A chunky but sleek collection of stones in browns and nudes. Perfect companion to winter wardobe. It’s the last one of this gorgeous necklace! If santa is in an extra extra jolly mood, maybe the matching bracelet (also last one in stock) will make it’s way under the tree?:)


kumkum | mix’n match

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Layering different KumKum chains and pendants is as fun as stacking their rings! The different combos are endless and the effect of multiple layered dainty chains is super beautiful! Here’s some pics with style info underneath

Black zircon necklaces (18” and 24”) with black onyx pendant layered with clear zircon necklace 18” with a petite zircon peace pendant.

Long 36” calcite bead chain (worn twice around the neck) with big zircon peace pendant layered with 24” aqua agate bead necklace with a petite zircon protective eye pendant.

Simple silver chain with little Grace pendant layered with beautiful Kumkum 18” staple chain (also comes in 24” and 36”) with two of the brand new miniature KumKum ring pendants! Zircon ring pendant and Zircon/pearl ring pendant.  Adorable!

More combos coming soon!


pilgrim | Antique (new arrival!)

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Gorgeous new Pilgrim winter collections have arrived! The dainty circular patterns makes the Antique series gorgeous, shown here with amber/emerald green stones but also come in other colorways. Click here to shop from the Antique collection or come by the store for a chat and some shopping:) For you locals, the parking lot resurfacing project is now over and you can now park right outside again!


odd molly | Persuation blouse

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Have a feeling the #548 persuation blouse will become an epic odd molly piece that true collectors will hunt around years from now. The exquisite lace is absolutely stunning!

kumkum | rock’n roll princess ring

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We’ve gotten requests for what the kumkum  rock’n roll princess ring looks like on the hand -here’s some pics! This ring and some zircon stud earrings is all you need!


odd molly | reserve/view pre-spring!

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click here for a looksy!
The first taste of sunshine and spring will arrive the first weeks of December when the pre-spring delivery
will start to ship (the main spring collection will follow in early January and can be reserved soon).

To be able to reserve in-coming collections:
1. create an account at www.deepFLING.com 2. Email us at info@deepfling.com to request access.

Ever since we caught the first glimpse of the Ka-ching velour series, we cannot wait for it to arrive! So many
styles and so many gorgeous colors. The pre-spring delivery includes only a few of them, for a complete list
of when what colors will arrive, keep checking our blog or facebook in the next few days.


dF misc | TGIF!

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I love fridays, you know you got the whole weekend in front of you. We’ve got wonderful sunny weather again and this weekend will be great! My obsession du jour is fresh coconut slices with a dusting of chili pepper and a squeeze of lime juice on top -yum! My heart nearly stopped when I was shopping our local grocery store  and saw they had brought in Glögg! Thank you Seaside Market! We’ll have a glögg night at the store later on in December for sure:) Also spotted a girl in one of the aisles wearing the odd molly bunt lovely knit in multi:)

Have you guys seen Gwyneth Paltrow sing at the CMA awards? Is there anything that amazing woman can’t do?

Pssst…..this upcoming Monday (15th), we are opening up the reserve system for odd molly pre-spring 2011!!! Stay tuned!

lotta djossou | in da news!

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Beautiful Lotta Djossou locket necklace spotted in the Holiday issue of Bliss Victoria magazine. They chose to show the equally gorgeously embellished backside. This locket looks stunning from both sides!


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