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I’m always looking for that perfect bag. I’ve browsed the entire spectra from high-end luxury lines to low budget and don’t ever seem to find it. It’s either too heavy before any of my stuff is even in there, not enough compartments, awkward handle lengths, leather is either too shiny plastic looking or so heavy that your shoulder hurts before you even load up your stuff. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a range of bags that I just couldn’t walk away from. I kept going back to look at them and it wasn’t only one style that was great but their entire line absolutely rocks! Superiour leather to die for, plenty of room and pockets, perfect handle lengths to go over the shoulder if need be, exquisite craftsmanship detailing and colors that are just RIGHT. We couldn’t pass them up!

This lovely company is LIEBESKIND and they’re from the heart of Berlin. Their time-tested gorgeous quality handbags have  a great price-point. There is nothing super smooth, sleek or superficial. Liebeskind wants ever bag to have a structure, grains or imprints. It is the character that counts, since that is what gives value to every favourite item. We can’t wait to be able to show you! First delivery is due in Nov, we’ll keep you posted!



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We are so happy to be able to offer FREE Priority Mail shipping on ALL international order over $100! Upgrade to Express for the low cost of $15.

For domestic orders, we offer FREE Priority Mail shipping on ALL orders over $50! Upgrade to Express for a mere $10.



odd molly | runway show re-cap!

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Wow, what did you guys think of the Odd Molly ss2011 runway show!? It was taking place while we were in the air heading back to Cali, so I’ve looked at the streaming version (about a million times) instead:) It’s great to see the styles that I’ve running my fingers over at the showroom, on a person -the true beauty of odd molly clothes is not revealed until you see them being worn!

I thought having Sean Lennon and Charlotte singing live during the show was perfect and unique! Loved their music!
Here’s Charlotte wearing the #465 merino wool dress (fall 10)
#682 patchwork embellished dress (the summer 2011 must-have dress!)
Beautiful #603 shivers blouse (I call it a jacket:) from the back
#734 calamity cardigan (uber cute cardi peeking out under jacket)
#605 shiver s/s dress (wonderful mid apricot color!)
#585 bikette jacket with buttefly on back! #641 wunder lace dress- yum!
To die for #646 wilma mankiller cardigan with tassels!
The #619 rock-a-fellow silk slip dress comes in many colors!
#684 patchwork wrap tunic with #652 mercerised dress – both gorgeous!
#698 superian dress -similar to beloved saloon dress!
Two darlings: #613 hookup dress and #649 elouise cobell cardi (love!)
Gorgeous crochet frill #731 cardi & 729 dress (photo doesn’t do justice!)
Must-have shorts a): #600 imperfectionist shorts!
Must-have shorts b): #572 smirk shorts!

So many styles that I have probably missed and also tons of faves that did not even make into the runway show – ss2011 is so gorgeous!


photos borrowed from Zimbio

kumkum | odds’n ends ring SALE!

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Pssst, great deals can be had on some gorgeous KumKum rings! We’re having an odds’n ends sale on some styles and colorways that have either been discontinued or we only have a few left. Hurry up and do some rummaging around!:)
KumKum ring sale!



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The last odd molly fall styles have finally arrived and we have been shipping in sonic speeds since we got back from Sweden. It’s not so easy cranking out shipping labels while being severely jet-lagged but trying each gorgeous new fall style in between packing packages helps keeping the flow going!:) (I’ve ordered a gorgeous #355 swain tweed coat almost black for myself and I keep taking mini breaks to go up and trying it on while doing a twirl in front of the mirror:)

Sweden was beautiful and our trip was too short of course but we managed to cram in as much shrimp from Smögen and great seafood as possible. Good friends and good food -two of the best things in life for sure!

If you are visiting Kungshamn, you absolutely must stay at the newly renovated hotell Kungshamn, not only the most beautiful location but their in-house restaurant serves exquisite food! Tell Henrik we said hi:)

I hadn’t used my #261 remix blouse old pink very much but I packed it for Sweden and ended up wearing it a bunch! It looks great layered over any taupe or military tunic. I scored a comfy tunic  and scarf from Melmelli (we love!) while in Sweden and they turned out to be the best companions to the bronte blouse:)


Winners are picked!

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After reading many sweet and entertaining emails, we finally drew three lucky women to go to the Odd Molly ss2011 runway show in New York!
BUT there’s still a chance to get tickets! Go over and say hello to sweet Meredith (email her at blog@oddmolly.com)
over at the odd molly blog, she has a precious few more tickets and one of them could be yours  -see more details here!


Win tickets to see Odd Molly at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sept. 15th!

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We are so grateful and immensely proud to be able to give out THREE INVITES to the Odd Molly spring 2011 runway show! This magical show takes place Sept. 15th at 5pm at the Lincoln Center during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

In order to get one of these highly sought-after tickets, you of course need to:

A)   Be in NY on Sept. 15 and able to make it to the show!

B)   Look forward to seeing all the newest spring styles before everyone else.

C)   Be able to email us by THIS MONDAY SEPT. 6th before 6pm (PST) to get a ticket, otherwise it will be too late to get on the guest list.

Aside from seeing a gorgeous Odd Molly spring 2011 collection shown on the runway, you will be right there with everyone who’s who in fashion! We want you to be our eyes and ears at this event. Send us some pictures and of course we would love to hear from you about everything that happened! Did you spot Per, Karin, Helena or Daisy? We know they will be there along with many other juicy celebs -so give us the scoop!

Email us at info@deepfling.com to submit your name and we will draw the winning names Monday night!


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