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Earlier this year, we started getting email requests for ‘Eric Northman jewelry’. At first, I was blissfully ignorant to what kind of jewelry this could be since (I try to keep up with all new jewelry brands/designers out of Scandinavia and had heard nothing remotely similar to that name). Very helpful customers then informed me that Eric Northman (played by drop dead gorgeous Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård)  is the Viking vampire character in the HBO’s original series True Blood.

Apparently this series have become extremely popular and because of the overall hotness of the viking vampire Eric, the interest in viking/ancient nordic inspired jewelry have spiked immensely. We had customers asking for everything from Thor’s hammer pendants to inquiring about the anchor necklace that Eric is wearing in the series. It’s apparently Alexander’s own but a reproduction can be purchased here and 100% of the profit goes to IWAF and http://www.tailsforwhales.org (such a wonderful cause and gorgeous necklace, I’m getting one!)
alexander skarsgard

I’m not really a big fan of vampire themed books and movies (I’ll take a UFO movie anyday though!) but HBO produce such well-made and visually great series like Carnevale, John Adams and Big Love (deliciously entertaining drama about polygamist Mormon family), so I watched an episode of True Blood and was instantly hooked! Btw, the first episode of season 1 True Blood premieres on SVT (swedish television) tonight!


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