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I wish sundays spanned the length of, at least, 3 days….or so. Trying to re-coup from the Odd Molly winter arrival shipping frenzy from earlier in the week and shake this sinus headache I’ve had for the last few weeks. Weird, I didnt even know there were such a thing as sinus headache from growing up in Sweden. Here, everytime we have the dry santa ana winds blowing in from the desert, my sinuses go bananas:( I can even see it on the pics below, I get dark circles and puffy around the eyes…even my hair goes limp:) I seem to do better in cold salty slushy scandinavian winds….

I’ve been wearing the #153 voile short dress chalk since I pulled it out of the box. I just love the cotton voile fabric used in this style, in the revolution blouse and the #327 for example. It is sooo soft and lightweight. I’m normally a size 1 in Odd Molly clothing but ended up getting a size 0 in this style. The cotton voile stretches with wear and feels almost a size bigger after a day.

If you ever get a chance to see Trevor Hall live -you must! The studio version of ‘lime tree’ is great (promise you will listen to it at least 3 times ok!?) but live it is so immensely amazingly good! He voice goes from soothingly soft to full belly belching loud/strong. Trevor was opening for Spearhead at SD house of blues just a few weeks ago. Got dragged there by a friend and didn’t really know either of the bands but ended up spotifying Trevor Hall after that and been addicted to this song ever since.

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