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Posted in Odd Molly at 1:08 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

So, as I mentioned, I love my 771A Pilgrim dress from the fall ’08 but the slip dress that came with the Pilgrim dress is what I’ve gotten so much use out of! It is longer than the cotton private and the silk spoiler, so it peeks out from underneath the longer Odd Molly tunics and dresses in a great way. I guess the same effect could be had from the private and spoiler under skirts but you need something underneath most Odd Molly tops anywways, so with the slipdress you get both.

Here it is under the taradiddle dree tunic -the slip dress helps cover up some of my all too pale legs (while the camera nicely hides my no-makeup face -it’s a win-win:)

Also, I wore it to the Odd Molly showroom at it was the perfect thing to wear while trying on all the new styles, it looked great underneath pretty much everything!

So, my tip of the day: scour the internets for the 771A pilgrim dress. Even if you dont love the 771A, it is definately worth getting it on sale just for the slipdress that comes with it:)

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