Odd Molly ss’10 – BESTest EVER!

Posted in Odd Molly at 7:47 am by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

I’m still absolutely in heaven from seeing the ss10 collection on Friday! Literally floating on clouds! Yasmin and I had an early appointment with sweet and gorgeous Meredith to see everything and thank goodness we were there early because it took us almost 6 hours to go through each beautiful style. Yasmin  is very very pregnant with twin girls (who will be Odd Molly fans just like their mom for sure) and you would think she would be tired half way through with that huge belly of hers, but she was so excited over all the pieces and what could be paired together that she was fluttering like a butterfly from one end of the showroom to the other:)

I have so much to tell but still need to  get some must-do’s crossed off my to-do list before I can sit down and write all the fun stuff. One little piece of lovely news, the #327 will be back in 3 colors! When Karin presented the collection to all the distributors, they were protesting en masse because the 327 is such a fave. So, it will come back for yet another season:) I’m happy of course because it’s always hard to say good-bye to those styles that are just perfect but honestly -there are sooooo many lovlies in the spring/summer collection that it might’ve not been missed!

Ok ok, gotta get some work done!

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