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Posted in Liebeskind at 11:00 am by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

I’m always looking for that perfect bag. I’ve browsed the entire spectra from high-end luxury lines to low budget and don’t ever seem to find it. It’s either too heavy before any of my stuff is even in there, not enough compartments, awkward handle lengths, leather is either too shiny plastic looking or so heavy that your shoulder hurts before you even load up your stuff. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a range of bags that I just couldn’t walk away from. I kept going back to look at them and it wasn’t only one style that was great but their entire line absolutely rocks! Superiour leather to die for, plenty of room and pockets, perfect handle lengths to go over the shoulder if need be, exquisite craftsmanship detailing and colors that are just RIGHT. We couldn’t pass them up!

This lovely company is LIEBESKIND and they’re from the heart of Berlin. Their time-tested gorgeous quality handbags have  a great price-point. There is nothing super smooth, sleek or superficial. Liebeskind wants ever bag to have a structure, grains or imprints. It is the character that counts, since that is what gives value to every favourite item. We can’t wait to be able to show you! First delivery is due in Nov, we’ll keep you posted!

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