Odd Molly in da news!

Posted in Odd Molly at 8:56 pm by Malin Lovqvist Doyle

For the last 4 years that we’ve carried Odd Molly here in the US, we’ve seen plenty of women turning into mollies. Each woman’s path to falling in love with the brand and becoming a molly is of course unique, but after seeing it happen in person so many times, I can probably describe the basics of each step:)
Anyways, it’s so fun to see the press starting to swoon over Odd Molly too, it’s about time they catch on to the magic!

The daily truffle talks about the store opening here! (oooh, that makes sense…the models wearing the odd mollys were from the ‘Models of the runway’ show (spin-off of the Project Runway show))

Sidenote for all you peoples who’ve emailed about the color of the chrysalis that Helena wore, it is probably ‘cabaret’ from aw2010

Style.com : L.A Gets Odd

Last but not least, go vote for Kelly Osborne here (she looked so cute and happy at the opening!)

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