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  A&C Signature   Norway

Arts & Crafts is a Norwegian jewellery company founded in 1984 after the two designers had met on an adventurous trip through Asia back in the late 70ies. Two creative young people, she from Norway and he from Holland, joined forces in an effort never to let the journey end.
They started to make high quality fashion jewellery which today is becoming a success world wide. The jewellery is originally designed in Norway and is a fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and international fashion trends.

Basic Hearts Earring, fish hook, crystal
Sparkling Studs Silver Ring
Special! $56
Light Symbols Earring, hook, Swarovski Star
Special! $32
Sparkling Studs Silver Earring, studSparkling Studs Silver Earring, clip
Opulence Silver Earring, hook, Crystal Pendant
Special! $56
Dark Symbols Earring, hook, Swarovski Star
Special! $56
Opulence Silver Earring, hook
Silver Arrow Earrings, stud, Big Sparkling Triangle
Special! $69
Khaki Delight Necklace 80 cm