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Yvone Christa   New York
The true Artisans of filigree jewelry

The new beautiful creations of Yvone Christa are inspired by the Hortensia. The New York brand dedicates an homage to Summer with the "Flower of Flowers", an aesthetic creation that takes ancient techniques from a noble past and reinterprets them with modern shapes. It looks impossible to design flowers over flowers on earrings using just thin precious metal wires with such a looks impossible to recreate the Hortensia flower on rings just playing with the chromatic balance of semiprecious stones...and it seems impossible to see the garden of dreams on a necklace. The accessory opens up to the sun to generate warm emotions. And what looked like a Midsummer dream is the reality of Yvone Christa. The result is (a jewel) in front of your eyes. Your eyes and the ones looking at you...

The New York brand is famous around the worlds because of their way of reinventing traditional jewels that belong to the history in a modern key, always maintaining the traits of handcrafting along with using the best materials. The mixing of these two ingredients and putting together exclusive designs and shapes, new collections, like this one are born, destined with its avant-garde, retro taste, to embellish a woman's face, being luxurious without showing off. Yvone Christa New York, the true Artistisan of filigree jewelry.
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