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About deepFLING

(dēp) To a great depth; deeply
(fling) a brief period of indulging one's impulses.

"That’s what we want each customer to feel as they visit our store; to browse the most exciting and desirable brands from Scandinavia and with our low pressure approach, they can take as long as they want to touch and try on all the different styles."
-Malin Lövqvist Doyle

deepFLING opened its doors to business on Valentines Day, 2005. Kevin and Malin Lövqvist Doyle moved from Stockholm, Sweden the year before, and brought with them their love for all things beautiful, and more importantly for you, their knowledge of Scandinavian Jewelry design and manufacturers!

Malin already knew the North County San Diego area well, having lived here as an art student in the early 90's. When we decided that we would move to the states we ended up here, where the lifestyle is European, the weather is idyllic, and the ocean was nearby! Having located a vacant storefront on the historic "Old Highway 101", we started building our business.

Malin and Kevin have worked together for years in Sweden, having met online while working as Internet Consultants back at the dawn of the internet era. Malin, a native Swede, studied art and worked as an Art Director at the University of Gothenburg, while Kevin, an American, was Creative Director in an internet startup in Minnesota. Believe it or not, Sweden was settled on as the warmer place to live! Years went by, and we've lived through the boom and bust of the Internet age, but truth to tell we never really felt like anything other than artists, technology can be cold sometimes. It was time for a change!

This brings us here to Leucadia, one of the last relatively untouched California beach/art/surfer communities. "Keep Leucadia Funky" is the phrase you'll find on bumper stickers here, and the town still looks and feels much as it did through the 60's and 70's. You'll find no franchise chains represented here; the entire stretch of shops and galleries are of the "home-grown" variety, except for a few recent transplants such as ourselves. =)

Enjoy your stay! - Malin & Kevin